COVID-19 Vaccine Information

We are phasing out of doing vaccination clinics so plan to be done by the end of May. You will then be able to get vaccine at various pharmacies and other entities. Use this link to find appointments near you. 

REMEMBER anyone over 18 yrs is now eligible for the Moderna vaccine. We will not have many more mass clinics so sign up now or the opportunity will be gone soon. We have declined our allocation for next week as numbers are down dramatically the last couple of weeks.

We're getting close and VAX FActsr
Hy-Vee has a limited number of COVID Vaccine appointments! Use this link to see if a store near you has appointments.

If you have an appointment to receive the vaccine, please click below to print out the paperwork you will need to have. If you cannot print it will be provided onsite but to speed up the process anyone who can have it ready is asked to print and bring completed form. Consent Form, Vaccine Information Sheet, VSafe Johnson and Johnson Vaccine Fact Sheet