Cabin Reservations

Cabin Reservation Instructions

1. On the left-hand side of your window, you will use the Cabin Rental Information tab that you used to get to this instruction page.

2. Under the How to make a Cabin Reservation there is a section called “link to mycountyparks reservation page” option.  

3. Select the link located in this section and it will bring you into the mycountyparks website that is used to create reservations for cabins. It will look similar to this example below.

 Unknown Image

4. Once you’re here, you’ll see the “counties” tab at the top of the screen. Click on this and find Calhoun County in the list of counties that are available.

5.Once on the Calhoun County homepage, look on the right hand side of the screen for a “facilities” button pictured below. Click on this button and it will bring you to all of the cabins offered in Calhoun County.

6. Take some time to view the booking details next to each of the cabins.

7.When you have found the cabin you want, click on it and on the right side of the pictures there will be a “book now” button. Please see example below.  


8. Once you click on this button it will ask you to login or create a username and password. Creating a username and password only takes 3-5 min to do, so don’t feel overwhelmed.


9. Once you have created a username and password you will be able to see what dates are all available for rent. (Yellow=Reserved, White=Available, Dark=unavailable, Green=purchase together) See Example below.

  • Please note there are no green or white showing as this season is now over.


10. Click on all the dates that you want to reserve for the desired cabin. The dates will turn blue when they are clicked on to show the dates have been selected.

11. After your dates are selected, click the green “check out” button located at the top right of the page.


12. If that you need to reserve more than one cabin, click “continue shopping” to continue onto the next cabin reservation.  

13. Once you have clicked the “checkout” button this will bring you to your payment screen. Type in all the information that it is asking you and make sure you read all of the agreements.

14. Once you have finished everything and your reservation request is successful, The Calhoun County Conservation Board we will get two emails verifying your reservation, and you should receive an email as well. Make sure to retain a copy of your reservation page for your reference as you will be needing the 4-digit pin code you selected to access your cabin door for the dates of your reservation.