Rules & Regulations

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 I.    General



By the authority granted to the Calhoun County Conservation Board by the laws of the State of Iowa Chapter 350.5 of the Code of Iowa (2017), the following rules and regulations are deemed by said Board to be necessary for the protection, regulation, and control of all areas under the jurisdiction and management of said Board.


The rules and regulations governing the use of park and recreation areas are intended to protect the visitor and the area itself from abuse and misuse.  In addition to the rules and regulations adopted by the Calhoun County Conservation Board, all state laws apply to conduct in county areas. Chapters 461A.35 through 461A.57 of the Code of Iowa (2017), Public Lands and Waters, apply to county park and recreation areas unless modified by the Conservation Board.  The traffic laws of the State of Iowa apply to County Park and recreation area roads in the same manner as they apply to state roadways.  Other chapters of the Code of Iowa concerning alcoholic beverages and destruction of public buildings apply in all county park and recreation areas.