Rules & Regulations

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III. Definitions



By the authority granted to the Calhoun County Conservation Board through Chapter 350.5 of the Code of Iowa, the following rules and regulations are hereby adopted by said Board.  The following terms, as used in these regulations, shall, for the purpose of these regulations, have the meanings assigned hereto, unless a different meaning is clearly indicated.


1.)    “Board” shall mean the Calhoun County, Iowa Conservation Board.

2.)   “Director” shall mean the Executive Director of the Calhoun County Conservation Board.

3.)    “Area” means all or any part of the land and/or water owned, leased, managed, or by other means under control of the Board.

4.)    Wildlife Management Area” shall mean any area designated by the Board where public hunting and trapping is allowed unless otherwise posted.

5.)    “Refuge” shall mean any area designated by the Board where public hunting and trapping is not allowed.

6.)   “Authorized Representative” shall include Conservation Employees and other persons designated by the Director.

7.)   “Special Event and User Permit” shall mean any permit issued by the Director pursuant to authority delegated by the Board.

8.)   “Camp” or “Camping” shall mean any use of a shelter such as a tent, trailer, or motor vehicle specifically designated for such use as temporary residence at the camp area.

9.)   “Camping Area” shall mean any area designated by the Board for camping.

10.) “Camping Unit” means either a single tent not larger than 150 square feet in size at its base, pickup camper, motor home or converted bus, recreation trailer, or motor vehicle, except for those shelters used exclusively for dining purposes, plus, at the option of said camping party, a small tent or similar type camping unit may be placed on a site with the basic unit so long as the persons occupying the second unit are under eighteen years of age and dependent members of the immediate family occupying the larger unit. A tarp or downed tent is not considered a camping unit.

11.) “Camping Party” shall mean any individual group of not more than six persons occupying one campsite.

12.) Youth Group” shall mean a group consisting of minor members of an established organization and under the leadership of at least one adult for each eight minors in the group and using any number of camping units for occupying a group camp area.

13.) “Capacity” shall mean the maximum number of camping parties or camping units that the Board shall determine may occupy a campsite.

14.) “Official Signs” shall mean signs provided for in the Iowa D.O.T. “Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Iowa Streets and Highways” and other signs designated and erected by the Board or an authorized representative.

15.) “Noise” shall mean any loud, confused or senseless shouting or outcry, a sound lacking in agreeable musical quality or which is noticeably unpleasant.

16.)  “Metal Detector” means a portable electronic device carried by an individual used only for detecting metal above or below the surface of the ground.

17.)  “Motor Vehicle” any gas or electric powered vehicle.

18.)  “Extended Stay” means there is no set date for how long a camping unit may occupy the camping area.