COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Pfizer is now approved for persons 12 and over. We do not receive that vaccine so please see the link below for Hy-Vee pharmacies or use this site for more options for vaccinations.

REMEMBER anyone over 18 yrs is now eligible for the Moderna vaccine.  Johnson and Johnson is offered at many locations, including Community Pharmacy. We are hosting clinics the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month starting June 10. To sign up please call the office at 712-297-8323. If you have a site or business you would like to see a clinic come to please contact us. 

Hy-Vee has a limited number of COVID Vaccine appointments! Use this link to see if a store near you has appointments.


Community Health Center in Fort Dodge 515-576-6500

-Testing in front of clinic (downtown), they want the person to remain in car

-Testing is by appointment only – to make an appt go on their website – or if they don’t have internet call in at 515-576-6500H

Hy-vee Fort Dodge, 515-573-4105

-Must make appt at

-Rapid test is $99 otherwise the person would pull into the drive through and do a nasal swab and results will be back within 3-4 days

Walgreens Fort Dodge 515-576-7113

-go to to make an appt (testing only available by appt)

-they offer nasal testing – results come back within 3-4 days otherwise they also have rapid test (free of charge)

We're getting close and VAX FActsr

If you have an appointment to receive the vaccine, please click below to print out the paperwork you will need to have. If you cannot print it will be provided onsite but to speed up the process anyone who can have it ready is asked to print and bring completed form. Consent Form, Vaccine Information Sheet, VSafe Johnson and Johnson Vaccine Fact Sheet