Emergency Services

Emergency Medical Services
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The Emergency Medical Service Coordinator oversees operations for all six (6) Calhoun County ambulance services.

  • Ensures communication and implementation of uniform protocols between the ambulance directors, ambulance services, hospitals, Iowa EMS Association, dispatch center, media and the physician medical directors. 
  • Responsible for fiscal management and accountability of grant funds. 
  • Assures the development, implementation and evaluation of policies and procedures for ambulance service systems continuous quality improvement (CQI) initiatives.
  • Oversees training of County Ambulance Personnel; Community First Aid, Automatic External Defibrillator (AED), Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Swimming pool employees.
  • Community-based Safety Planning and Education
  • Responds to ambulance call throughout Calhoun County
  • Provides basic and advanced life support services to residents of Calhoun County 

Calhoun County EMS System

The EMS System in Calhoun County pulls multiple autonomous agencies together into one system, working together under an inclusive, unified approach. This allows for many benefits including clinical care, making sure the right resources arrive to the right patient in the right amount of time; data sharing, by having data from all agencies together it is easier to determine what is working and what needs changed to improve the system through a county-wide CQI process; sharing of resources which will help minimize the need for duplication of services including human resources and equipment.

Calhoun County EMS-Rockwell City, Manson, Lake City Ambulance, Stewart Memorial Hospital, Lohrville Ambulance and Farnhamville Ambulance have joined together under an EMS System to improve patient outcomes.
For more information contact Program Manager Bruce Musgrave or visit the EMS Page