Family/Child Health Services

Family and Child Health Services

The Family/Child Health Program improves the health and social well being of children and families. Services are provided directly, or individuals are helped to access programs of other agencies that promote physical and financial health and minimize the effects of illness or developmental delays.  

Who is eligible? 
Referrals are accepted from any interested party.
Families residing in Calhoun County and surrounding counties. Children within Calhoun County school systems. All services require voluntary participation by persons receiving service.

What is the fee?
Many services are provided without charge. A sliding fee scale based on the client's household income is used to determine fees.
Services may be fully or partially funded by state and federal grants, as well as health insurance plans.

For more information contact Barb Riley or Kristy Vogel.


Medical Home
Medical Home is a partnership between Calhoun County Public Health, the child’s medical practitioner and the child’s caregiver working together to ensure children get quality health care.  Medical Home includes:

  • Case Management to assist in scheduling well-child exams according   to EPSDT guidelines; Assistance in arranging transportation to well-child exam (if needed); Assistance with health insurance coverage (if needed); Follow up to assure services are received.

  • Well-Child Exams (held at your child’s medical practitioner’s office) include:  Developmental Testing; Complete Physical Exam; Immunizations, Lead Screenings, Oral Health including Fluoride Varnish and Lab Screenings, at age appropriate appointments; Child Health and Development Resources; Referrals (if needed).

Family Foundations
Family Foundations assists pregnant women and families with children under the age of two to prepare for a new baby and to provide the best care possible after that baby arrives and as he or she grows. Services will focus on prenatal care, child development, child health, parenting skills and other aspects of family functioning. In-home nursing services are available to pregnant women and infants with medical needs.

Consultation related to reproductive health and family planning for men and women is offered.

See the table below for the various programs offered through Calhoun County Public Health ranging from expecting moms to older children.


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For more information contact Barb Riley.